Car Beacon FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

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Q1:What is car beacon?
A1:The car beacon is a warning light that is magnetically attached to the roof of the car, usually consisting of multiple small LED bulbs that provide a bright warning light to alert other vehicles and pedestrians when the vehicle is moving.

Q2:What types of car beacon are there?
A2:Our car beacon can be divided into the following types:solar car beacon, battery car beacon, rechargeable&wiring car beacon.

Q3:What are the colors of car beacon?
A3:The colors of the car beacon are usually red, blue and yellow.Different colors usually represent different meanings, for example, red usually indicates an emergency, blue usually indicates a police vehicle, yellow usually indicates a construction area.

Q4:What are the audience groups of car beacon?
A4:Car beacons are suitable for a variety of different people, such as police officers, firefighters, ambulance drivers, engineering truck drivers and so on. They can provide warning lights for vehicles to alert other vehicles and pedestrians so as to ensure road driving safety.

Q5: How to purchase the car beacon?
A5: If you want to purchase our products, you can contact us through our official website , Alibaba International website or sales representatives. We can also provide quotes and customization services based on your specific needs.