LED Flare FAQ: Your Questions Answered

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Q1:What are the types of LED Flare?
A1:LED flares are usually available in several styles, including:
1.Round design: LED flares with multiple round-shaped LED lights.
2.Rechargeable style: LED flares powered by charging or batteries.
3.Stick-shaped design: LED flares with a long, rod-like shape.
4.Magnetic shape: LED flares with a magnetic base for easy attachment to metal surfaces.

Q2:What are the colors of LED Flare?
A2:LED flares are usually available in various colors, including:
1.Red: Warning and emergency signal.
2.Amber/Orange: Traffic and road safety.
3.White: General illumination, marking.
4.Blue/Green: Signaling, identification.

Q3:What are the functions of LED Flare?
A3:LED flares serve various functions, including:
1.Warning and signaling: Visible alerts in emergencies.
2.Traffic control: Directing and managing traffic flow.
3.Visibility enhancement: Improving visibility in low-light.
4.Marker and illumination: Highlighting locations, providing light.
5.Portable and versatile: Compact, lightweight, and adaptable.
6.Energy-efficient: Long-lasting with low power consumption.

Q4:What are the application scenarios of LED Flare?
A4:The application scenarios of LED flares include:
1.Roadside emergencies: Enhancing visibility during emergencies.
2.Traffic control: Directing and managing road traffic.
3.Search and rescue: Signaling and locating individuals.
4.Outdoor activities: Emergency beacons for outdoor pursuits.
5.Event management: Guiding and ensuring event safety.
6.Law enforcement and security: Establishing perimeters, marking hazards.

Q5:How do LED flares work?
A5:To make an LED flare work, follow these steps:
1.Check power: Ensure battery installed.
2.Turn switch on: Activate the switch.
3.Select mode (if available): Choose flashing mode.
4.Test and indicators: Check device functionality.
5.Turn off switch: Deactivate the switch.

Q6:What is the price of LED flares and where to buy it?
A6:The price of LED flares can vary depending on the brand, model, features, and the quantity you wish to purchase.
You can purchase LED flares from our official website or Alibaba. Our sales representatives can offer you in-depth information regarding product specifications, pricing, as well as estimated delivery times.
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