LED Stop Paddle FAQ: Your Questions Answered

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Q1: What are the types of LED stop paddles?
A1: There are many types of LED stop paddles. Including octagonal shape LED stop paddle which is usually printed with “Stop” and “Slow” or “Stop” and “Go”. The paddles are made of durable materials and feature bright LED lights that are highly visible.

Q2: What are the sizes of LED stop paddles?
A2: LED stop paddles are approximately 18 inches in diameter. We offer 12/18/24 inches to choose. These size are large enough to be highly visible to drivers, and also easy for crossing guards and other personnel to handle.

Q3: How to use an LED stop paddle?
A3: Using an LED stop paddle is simple. When you need to stop traffic, hold up the paddle so that the “STOP” message is facing the oncoming traffic. If you want traffic to slow down, you can turn the stop paddle to the “Slow” side. Or if you want to proseed the traffic, turn the top paddle to the “go” side.
Our LPS-SL Series LED Stop Paddle are equipped with tilt sensor, when the paddle is lifted, the light is on, and when the sign is put down, the light is off.

Q4: How can I purchase an LED stop paddle?
A4: You can purchase an LED stop paddle from our official website or official store or by contacting our sales representative directly. Our sales will provide you with detailed information on product specifications, prices and delivery times. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.