250 Series No Top Lighting

  • Visual Distance:More than 200m
  • Strong Magnet on Bottom: The magnet is able to stand up securely on a flat surface or steel( such as cars ) to serve as a candle.
  • Convenient Belt Clip: Steel belt clip ensuresconvenient use.
  • Water Resistant Exterior: This product has some water resistance and can be used in light rain.
  • Durable Material:ABS handle and AS pipe.
  • Convenient Battery Power Supply:3 pcs AAABattery for power supply (not included).

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Item No Pipe Color LED Number Function Size
250RG White 9R+10G Red Flash-Red Steady-Green Steady-Close (L)28cm*(DIA)3cm
250RW White 9R+10W Red Flash-Red Steady-White Steady-Close (L)28cm*(DIA)3cm


Traffic wand is used by traffic control personnel at airports, parking lots, special events, concerts, police and emergency situations. In some countries, this baton is used by Police personnel as crowd control device.

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