Made in Thailand 28” PVC Traffic Cone Slim Body

  • Flexible,durable PVC Traffic Cone with black rubber base for lower cost.
  • The square base won’t roll away even knocked over.
  • The reflective collar increases visiblilty, mark hazardous areas to prevent accidents and set up safe traffic lanes.
  • The traffic cone our product is with PVC, it can hardly be Damaged by the autos made by our center is one of the recommended productions by The ministry of communications.

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Body Style Slim Body Slim Body Slim Body
Cone Height 28Inch 36Inch 36Inch
Weight 5Lbs 7Lbs 10Lbs
Base Dimension 14-5/8” 14-5/8” 14-5/8”
Cone Dia. 8.2” 8.2” 8.2”
Retroreflective Dimension 10+10CM/15+10CM 10+10CM/15+10CM 10+10CM/15+10CM
Recessed Handle Top Yes Yes Yes
Retroreflective Dimension Type III or IV Type III or IV Type III or IV
Standards ASTM D4956 – 07, MUTCD ASTM D4956 – 07, MUTCD ASTM D4956 – 07, MUTCD


Drive for the road separating the role of the warning.

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