Made in Thailand 36” PVC Traffic Cone Wide Body

  • The PVC Traffic Cone manufactured using premium-grade PVC material and a patented injection molding process.
  • The fluorescent orange color is saturated through and through — inner layer to outer layer.
  • The square base is black, premium-grade PVC.
  • The leveling differential mechanism design involves strategically placed cavities inside the base to provide a stronger foundation, allowing the cone to absorb repeated impacts without damage.
  • The high intensity reflective bands are highly visible in daylight or headlights.
  • Multiple cones can be stacked to store and the anti-stick interior provides easy removal.

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Body StyleWide BodyWide Body
Cone Height36Inch36Inch
Base Dimension14-5/8”14-5/8”
Cone Dia.11”11”
Retroreflective Dimension10+10CM/15+10CM10+10CM/15+10CM
Recessed Handle TopYesYes
Retroreflective DimensionType III or IVType III or IV
StandardsASTM D4956 – 07, MUTCDASTM D4956 – 07, MUTCD


Drive for the road separating the role of the warning.

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