75CM Traffic Cone

  • It has favorable flexibility and can stand press of car,also it will not be broken if it is struck by hard things.
  • It is sunproof, Anti-UV, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, non-rimous, colorfast and soon.
  • Reasonable design, the cone could be stacked one by one.
  • The orange and white color is very striking at day time. At night, the reflective sheet on it can reflect dazzling light and make the driver see it clearly.

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Model TH-NTC-75N
Body Style Wide Body
Cone Height 75CM
Weight 4.0KG
Base Dimension 40CM
Cone Dia. 25CM
Retroreflective Dimension 15+10CM
Recessed Handle Top Yes
Retroreflective Dimension Class 2 or 3
Standards EN 13422


Drive for the road separating the role of the warning.

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