BL-003SU Solar LED Roadway Marker Traffic Lights Intelligent Pedestrian Crossing Road Studs

  • IP68 Waterproof: Solar dock lights are made of high-quality aluminum alloy casting frame that effectively keeps them from crush even in road constructions, street, parking lot, green beltand will not be damaged. Making it suitable for most types of environments.
  • Aluminum Outer Casting with Anodized Coating: The anodized coating of the outer casing protects it from being oxidized and it looks smooth and nice.
  • Premium Quality: High-quality aluminum alloy frame can withstand up to 30 tons of weight, can be used in most roads, without fear of being crushed or damaged. They have been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light. It Can be perfect as the sun lane marker to illuminate your lane, can also be used for the dock, deck, path, driveway, garden, walkway, sidewalk, yard or courtyard.

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Size Ø140mm*50mm
Material Aluminum alloy
Weight About 800g
LED number 6pcs
Luminous Color Red/Yellow/Blue/White/Green
Power Supply 2000ma NI-MH Battery
Water level IP68
Function Flash or Steady
Compression Resistance Over 30 Tons


1 Please place professional isolation facilities before installation for ensuring the safety of workers.

2 The road surface should be level and even ,any repair to the surface should be conducted prior to installation.

3 The road stud requires a bore hole size of Ø126mm*60mm.

4 Ensure the hole is cleaned of all debris.

5 Use a blowtorch to dry any dampness from the holes,failure to do so may result in the adhesive glue not bonding correctly.

6 Pour the adhesive glue into the hole and locate the road stud so that its lighted side is facing towards to drivers.

7 Inspect studs 2 hours after installation and re-adjust if there has any movement.

8 Inspect after 4 hours and check that all studs are firmly located and show no signs of movement.


– Greenways 

– Motorways 

– Pedestrian walkway 

– Illumination of public spaces (bicycle paths, pedestrian zones, etc …) 

– Delineation of roads – Decorative illuminatio

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