• Combine EN 12352 Lamps + full color P16 VMS.
  • Made in aluminum.
  • Electronic lifter , 1500N thrust bearing.
  • Wireless lamps controller + WIFI connecting VMS APP.
  • Synchronized arrow lamps back for drivers.

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Product Material Aluminum
Accessory list 1.24pcs of L8 lamps + 2pcs of L9 lamps 2.VMS 3.Lifter 4.Wireless arrow lamps controller 5.System control box
Features of lamps 1. This equipment including 24pcs of L8 lamps and 2pcs of L9 lamps, complied with European Standard EN 12352:2006. 2. Flash method: arrow lamps flash frequency 55flashes/min, with the ON-period twice the length of the OFF-period. 3. The two synchronized L9 lamps flashing only during the arrow lamps OFF-period. When the arrow lamps are operating, L9 lamps OFF. 4. All lamps included dimming system, automatically adjust the brightness according the surroundings.
Features of VMS 1. LED screen display area:1792(W)x1536(H)mm, Module size:256(W)x128(H)mm 2. Pixel Pitch(mm):16 3. Pixel configuration:3 in 1 SMD LED each Pixel(with Lens) 4. Viewing Angle:Horizontal: 30 degree, Vertical: 15 degree 5. LED brand and origin:Epistar chip Leds 6. LED life time:70,000 hours 7. Color:RGB
Features of lifter 1. Voltage: 24V 2. Lifter distance: 1000mm 3. Speed: 40 mm / s 4. Pushing force: 1500N 5. Time of lifter: for this equipment, upping <25s , downing <20s
Features of wireless arrow lamps controller 1. Dimension: 203.7(H) x 83(W) x 35.5 mm 2. Voltage of power: DC 12-24V
Features of equipment 1. Supply: DC 24V 2. With 3M DG3 RED & WHITE reflective 3. LED color: AMBER


It is convenient to mount at the rear and top of car for guiding directions and warning.

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