• Combine EN 12352 Lamps + EN 12966 White Leds.
  • Made in aluminum.
  • Electronic lifter , 1500N thrust bearing.
  • Wireless/Cable lamps controller.
  • Synchronized arrow lamps back for drivers.

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Product MaterialAluminum
Accessory list

1.24pcs of L8 lamps + 2pcs of L9 lamps

2.White LED Sign


4.Wireless/Cable connect arrow lamps controller

5.System control box

Features of lamps

1. This equipment including 24pcs of L8 lamps and 2pcs of L9 lamps,

complied with European Standard EN 12352:2006.

2. Flash method: arrow lamps flash frequency 55flashes/min,

with the ON-period twice the length of the OFF-period.

3. The two synchronized L9 lamps flashing only during the arrow lamps

OFF-period. When the arrow lamps are operating, L9 lamps OFF.

4. All lamps included dimming system, automatically adjust the brightness according the surroundings.

Features of white LED sign

1. LED color:White

2.Led quantity:580pcs

Features of lifter

1. Voltage: 24V

2. Lifter distance: 1000mm

3. Speed: 40 mm / s

4. Pushing force: 1500N

5. Time of lifter: for this equipment, upping <25s , downing <20s



Features of equipment

1. Supply: DC 24V

2. With 3M DG3 RED & WHITE reflective

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