• Robust construction. Frame All welded structural steel, 5MM thickness tube.
  • Hydraulic lifting poker,easily to raise and lower display panel.(Tower and display panel pivot freely and continuously in either direction)
  • Removable With Hand brake and Hit brake.
  • Durable and anti-corrosion,UV and salt spray resistance coating.
  • Four Lockable anti-theft Waterproof box for electric system.
  • Steel-belted trailer Lockable 185R14LT 102/100Q
  • Standard 2-inch ball coupler tow-hitch.
  • Four adjustable stabilizer legs.
  • Two square taillights.

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Product Material Steel,5mm thickness tube
Product Size 1.Deck 210cm*200cm 2.Drawbar 93cm 3.Wheels 50cm 4.Retractable tube 70cm
Product Weight Around 400kgs
Box 3 Lockable anti-theft boxes (with keys)
Fenders Full wheel coverage, welded to deck. Material: 14ga steel
Finish Safety-orange powder-coat finish
Axle assembly Tubular, 3500 lb. (1587.6kg) capacity, 5 on 4.5″ B.C. idler hub
Springs Double-eye leaf springs, 1433 lb. (650kg) capacity for each spring
Tires 1.185R14LT 102/100Q, steel-belted trailer tires 2.Remark: one spare tire is optional to be installed on triangular drawbar by anti-theft bolt
Drawbar 1.Construction Triangular Drawbar, make the trailer more stable when being towed. Removable for shipping.With Hand brake and Hit brake 2.Material:6cm square steel tubing, 4mm thickness
Jack Top-wind swivel, 29cm total travel
Tow hitch 1.Standard 2-inch ball coupler tow-hitch, SAE Class 2, 3500-lb. (1588kg) capacity. 2.Bolts to drawbar, removable and replaceable.
Tow chains Two high-test proof coil chain assemblies, attached to drawbar with quick connectors.
Stabilizer legs 1.Description:our stabilizers, mounted on 35cm travel retractable tube,on corners of trailer frame, extend downward from front and rear of trailer, increasing length of footprint when deployed. 2.Adjustment:Stabilizers slide up and down in sleeves, adjustable in 40cm increments, held in place by 1.4cm wire lock pin. 3.A lanyard ties each pin to the trailer frame. 4.Material:Leg 5.7cm rounded steel tube, 12ga wall, zinc plated 5.Footpad:10 x 19cm steel, zinc plated, all edges turned up
Wind resistance Approx. 57mph (91km/h), calculated maximum sustained wind load before overturning,trailer in deployed position supported by four stabilizer legs and one drawbar jack with tires off the ground.
Wiring All trailer wiring encased in UV protective loom, attached with P-clamp riveted to trailer frame; no exposed wires.
Taillights Two square taillights locate at bottom of rear trailer frame
Reflectors Two amber reflectors, one on the side of each upright ; Two red reflectors on rear trailer frame


Function Display panel is raised and lowered on a telescoping tower
Tower construction 1.Two sections of square steel tubing with the inner section telescoping inside the outer section. 2.The inner section is zinc plated to prevent corrosion. 3.Base size 40x40cm 4.Swivel base A steel tubular weldment is bolted to the trailer frame. The outer tower section rotates on a thrust bearing and washers inside the swivel base, reducing rotating friction.
Height Height At fully deployed height, 84″ (213cm) from ground to bottom of display panel.
Hydraulic lifting 1.Hydraulic lifting system to easily raise and lower display panel. 2.Safety friction-brake prevents display panel from falling.
Rotation Tower Rotation Tower and display panel pivot freely and continuously in either direction;Tower has no wires connected to trailer that would otherwise restrict rotation
Rotation lock Rotation lock Locking pin inserted into horizontal plate mounted to tower prevents tower from rotating
Sight tube Sight tube Aims the display panel in desired direction is mounted to the underside of the display panel frame.
Solar panel 1.Solar panel support 2.At the top of tower, no shadowing effect on any trailer component. Solar panel lies flat, angles can be adjusted.
Package 1 trailer/wooden box


Variable message sign, often used on roadways, are designed to deliver traffic information covering congestion report,accident report, lane control and limit speed sign, etc

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