• Solar /cable type optional.
  • Durable material cabinet for Anti-oxidation,weatherproof.
  • Once a speeding vehicle is detected by built-in radar detector of MAVS, the display shows “SLOW DOWN”at flashing mode.
  • Adjustable Speed limit threshold
  • Can use with portable trailer for easier movement.
  • Can use with universal mounting bracket system ,easily mount to circular, square or telespar poles.
  • Easily manage your devices and data with Cloud Platform&Bluetooth APP.

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Battery power is available, 4 Battery holders are built inside of back door ①Standard: max. 4pcs * 9AH maintenance-free batteries (optional 40W solar panel) ②Optional: max. 4pcs * 12AH maintenance-free batteries(optional 80W solar panel)
City power 110-240V is available
Radar Speed Limit Signs
Material: Aluminum(δ=2mm) cabinet, light weight for easy moving
Black paint lasts for 10 years with 0.2 reflective rate
Individual optics lens are assembled inside-out with 3M sticker
508pcs Φ5mm LED by help of optics lens gives out super bright and uniform luminance
View angle: ±15°vertical, ±30°horizontal
No secondary glazing to reduce brightness or cause reflections
Perfect display makes best viewing distance 10m-500m
Display is consisted by several individual PCB
Components connection design makes maintenance and installation easy
Optional: Auto dimming system to make lower power consumption
All sides are protected by silicone foam gasket
Lockable by 4pcs at 2 styles of anti-theft locks
Left hinges allows to open the cabinet nearly 180°for easy maintenance
Front door open design makes maintenance and installation easy

Cloud Platform

  • Support searching for radar speed sign device through the map or keywords
  • Click on the device to view the current settings and operational status of each radar speed sign device
    • Current speed limit thresholds
    • Current cut off voltage
    • Current data upload time interval
    • Current device working state:Normal/Abnormal
    • Current device status: On/Off
    • Current device temperature
  • Access the cloud platform via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to remotely control radar speed sign devices, regardless of distance
    • Remotely turn on/off the device
    • Remote adjustment of speed limit thresholds
    • Remote adjustment of screen brightness
  • Customize dates and time periods to control device activation
  • Can be programmed to control individual or multiple devices
  • When traffic emergencies or issues occur, administrators will receive notifications through email and the web immediately
  • Receive notifications for:
    • Low voltage notification
    • Device off-line notification
  • The radar speed sign automatically connects to the cloud and reports device data once powered on
  • Data reports can be exported by month, week, or day
  • Get data for:
    • Average speed data
    • Number of vehicles at speeds of 0-18.5mph/h, 18.5-37.5mph/h, 37.5-56 mph/h, and above 56mph/h

Bluetooth APP

  • Click on the device to view the current settings and operational status of each radar speed sign device
    • Current device temperature
    • Current device voltage
    • Current device status: On/Off
    • Current speed limit thresholds
  • Turn on/off speed radar sign device
  • Adjust speed limit thresholds

  • Data reports for the last 24 months can be exported
  • Get data for:
    • Average Speed Data
    • Number of Vehicles at Speeds of 0-18.5mph/h, 18.5-37.5mph/h, and above 37.5mph/h
    • Fastest Speed Data



– Urban rapid road, highway, suburban district,speed limit road…

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