RS-A80-001 Botts Dots Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers for Parking Yellow White Road Reflector

  • Durable & Long Lasting: Designed with strong pressure resistance, shock resistance and high(low) temperature resistance to be used in tough weather conditions durably.
  • High Visibility: Ceramic non-reflective pavement markers’ glazed finish protects against weathering especially during rain, excellent day time visibility, available in high visibly white or yellow.
  • Installation Recommendations: We recommend using an asphalt binding Epoxy or construction glue that covers the entire underside of the road marker to ensure the strongest and longest-lasting bond.

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Size Dia100 x 20 mm
Material Ceramic
Color White/Yellow
Weight 280g
Visible Distance >500m
Bearing capacity Over 20tons
Reflective Angle 360°


1 Please place professional isolation facilities before installation for ensuring the safety of workers.

2 The road surface should be level and even ,any repair to the surface should be conducted prior to installation.

3 Ensure the road is cleaned of all debris.

4 Pour the adhesive glue to the stud and locate the road stud so that its lighted side is facing towards to drivers.

5 Inspect studs 2 hours after installation and re-adjust if there has any movement.

6 Inspect after 4 hours and check that all studs are firmly located and show no signs of movement.


Ideal for both commercial and residential use, these reflective road studs are the perfect to use in a number of ways: line your driveway, mark a boat dock, trim your deck or porch, line your parking lot, safely mark stairs.

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