Botts Dots Ceramic Raised Pavement Markers for Parking Yellow White Road Reflector

  • Durable & Long Lasting: Designed with strong pressure resistance, shock resistance and high(low) temperature resistance to be used in tough weather conditions durably.
  • High Visibility: Ceramic non-reflective pavement markers’ glazed finish protects against weathering especially during rain, excellent day time visibility, available in high visibly white or yellow.
  • Installation Recommendations: We recommend using an asphalt binding Epoxy or construction glue that covers the entire underside of the road marker to ensure the strongest and longest-lasting bond.

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Size Dia100 x 20 mm
Material Ceramic
Color White/Yellow
Weight 280g
Visible Distance >500m
Bearing capacity Over 20tons
Reflective Angle 360°


Ideal for both commercial and residential use, these reflective road studs are the perfect to use in a number of ways: line your driveway, mark a boat dock, trim your deck or porch, line your parking lot, safely mark stairs.

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