SRS-G009 Solar Glass Cat Eye Traffic Road Stud Light for Road Safety

  • Durable& Long Lasting: Designed with strong pressure resistance, shock resistance and high(low) temperature resistance to be used in tough weather conditions durably.
  • High Reflectivity:Glass road stud reflects the light for 360° irrespective the direction from which the vehicles are arriving.

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Size Dia101 x 63 mm
Material Tempered glass
Color Red/Yellow/White/Blue/Green
Solar Panel 2V/130mA
Battery 1.2v /600 mAh NI-MH battery
Visible Distance >800 Meters (dark environment)
Function Flashing or Steady
Bearing capacity Over 30tons


1 Please place professional isolation facilities before installation for ensuring the safety of workers.

2 The road surface should be level and even ,any repair to the surface should be conducted prior to installation.

3 The road stud requires a bore hole size of Ø101mm*40mm.

4 Ensure the hole is cleaned of all debris.

5 Pour the adhesive glue into the hole and locate the road stud so that its lighted side is facing towards to drivers.
*NOTE:the non-slippery flat surface should in parallel with pavement.

6 Inspect studs 2 hours after installation and re-adjust if there has any movement.

7 Inspect after 4 hours and check that all studs are firmly located and show no signs of movement.


– Greenways 

– Pedestrian walkway

– Illumination of public spaces (bicycle paths, pedestrian zones, etc …)

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