ST-211AA Battery Orange Traffic Wand

  • Hammer: Break the window or prick the airbag under emergency situation.
  • Reamer to Cut Seat Belt: Reamer blade to cut the seat belts for fast escape.
  • Lighting: Using as a common flashing light.
  • Sound Alarm: Emergency alarm to attract attention and signal for help.
  • Magnet: Easy to attach to car or any metal part.
  • White LED on Top: 1 white LED light functions as flashlight for visibility in dark conditions.
  • Water Resistant Exterior: Water Resistant design with rubber sealant ring.
  • Control Buttons: Independent buttons for control of different functions.
  • Lifetime: 36 hours under continutous lights.
  • Durable Material:ABS handle and AS.
  • Convenient Battery Power Supply:2pcs AA Battery for power supply (not included).

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Item No Pipe Color LED Number Function Size
ST-211AA Orange 9+1PCS Lighting, SOS, emergency hammer , emergency knife (L)21.5cm*(DIA)7cm


These are best used anywhere you need to have a safety tool at hand in your cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles and even camping sites.

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