ST-360R Lighted LED Aircraft Marshalling Wand Air Traffic Control Baton

  • The outer tube is impact resistant, strong and durable, waterproof and moisture resistant.
  • The bottom contains magnets for traffic emergencies and measures, can be temporarily adsorbed on the body or iron objects.
  • High brightness LED night visibility distance of more than 300 meters.
  • With a lanyard, easy to carry.
  • Silicone button, not easy to damage.
  • Use 2 x 2 batteries for easy replacement.

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Item NoPipe ColorLED NumberFunctionSize
ST-360RRedφ8 mm 1pcSlow flash – Fast flash – Long light – Off(L)36cm*(DIA)4cm


Traffic wand is used by traffic control personnel at airports, parking lots, special events, concerts, police and emergency situations. In some countries, this baton is used by Police personnel as crowd control device

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