WL-A55 Series

  • Easy to install: No maintenance is necessary, Multi-layer sealed and waterproof, do not fade, dustproof prevent mist.
  • Super High Brightness LED Lamps: Visual distance >1000m.
  • Low consumption and long lifetime.

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Item NO. WL-A55-H20 WL-A55-H30 WL-A55-H40
Dia 200mm 300mm 400mm
Frequency 50times/min 50times/min 50times/min
Viewing Distance 1000m 1000m 1000m
Rated voltage 6V 6V 12V
Solar panel 5W 5W 10W
Batteries 6V 12ah 6V 12ah 12V 12ah
LED Life Expectancy 100,000h 100,000h 100,000h
LED brightness 8000mcd/pc 8000mcd/pc 8000mcd/pc
Color Yellow flash Yellow flash Yellow flash
Fully charged work over 200h work over 200h work over 200h


Required warning mark at the road, or area at the cross or on ramp junction.Dangerous bend at the road or viaduct sections of the road.Dangerous construction part of road.