Stars Plastic strictly follows the quality management system standards in the production process, from original material filtering, product research and development, quality control in the production process, product quality inspection entering and outting of the warehouse,every detail is strictly controlled to ensure product quality.

LED fast light chromoelectric test system


Measure the spectral power distribution of LED, color coordinates, correlated color temperature, color rendering index, color temperature difference etc.

LED photoelectric performance rapid test system


Measure the center light intensity, light intensity diffusion angle and related electrical performance parameters of low-power LEDs.

Ultraviolet speed weathering tester


Quickly and realistically reproduce the damage to material caused by sunlight, rain and dew, including fading, discoloration, loss of brightness, chalking, cracking, blurring, embrittlement, loss of strength and oxidation.

Intelligent salt spray testing machine


Salt spray corrosion test equipment for assessing the salt spray corrosion resistance of materials and protective layers, and reduce product damage caused by corrosion.

Pressure testing machine


Used for product pressure resistance test.

Low temperature test chamber


Adaptability test during storage, transportation and use in a low temperature environment.

Key life testing machine


It is suitable for testing various keys such as key switches, tact switches, and membrane switches for life testing.

Falling ball impact testing machine


It is suitable for testing the impact resistance of plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glass, lenses, hardware and other products.

8-channel battery capacity tester


The test records a variety of information during the battery test, including current, voltage, capacitance, time, energy and other information.

Raised road marker measuring instrument


Used for measuring the luminous intensity coefficient of raised road marker.

Manual Quality Inspection

Machine Quality Inspection

Shipment Quality Inspection