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Traditional traffic warning equipment usually adopts two luminous modes:random flashing or static constant lighting, which cannot effectively show the outline of roads,buildings and traffic dangerous areas, and has poor warning effects for drivers.


Our company has specially developed wireless communication technology, which is widely used in wireless traffic safety products. Through synchronous wireless signal real-time transmission, the product can be controlled to flash synchronously or sequentially. This dynamic and regular flashing luminous mode can not only effectively outline the road contours and increase road visibility at night; it can also enhance the guidance and instruction for drivers to protect driving safety.


  • Wireless signal communication, easy to install
  • Three wireless communication technologies can be selected, suitable for different scenarios
  • Can be used with most wireless traffic safety products, with a wide range of applications【Note: Most battery/solar products can be customized with wireless communication technology, please consult for details】
  • Two dynamic regular lighting modes can be selected:flash synchronously or sequentially

Wireless Communication Technology Accessories

Wireless Communication Technology Battery/Solar Barricade Light

  • Can be used in the construction area to enhance the warning effect
  • Can be used on delineator barricade to enhance the visibility of road barriers at night

Wireless Communication Technology Solar Road Stud

  • Can be used for lanes to outline the contours of lanes and increase driving safety at night
  • Can be used at highway ramps to enhance road indications
  • Can be used for crosswalks to remind the drivers that crosswalk ahead, please slow down and protect the pedestrians’ safety

Wireless Communication Technology Solar Guardrail Delineators

  • Can be used on highway and urban guardrails to enhance the visibility of guardrails at night

Wireless Communication Technology Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

  • Can be used for high-rise buildings such as chimneys, office buildings, etc., to show the outline of the building, help the aircraft operator to judge the height and outline of the obstacle

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