Amber Red White Reflective Studs on Motorway Lane Plastic Road Divider Reflectors

  • Perfectfor Commercial and Personal Property: Stars Plastic Road Reflectors are great for all commercial and personal property road markings with a better quality and competitive price.
  • High Reflectivity: Great for ensuring that roads, streets, sidewalks and anything else you need these white road studs for are clearly visible at night with high grade reflective lining.
  • Durable& Long Lasting: The road pavement makers are made of premium ABS material, Capable of withstanding the tests of time.
  • InstallationRecommendations: We recommend using an asphalt binding Epoxy or construction glue that covers the entire underside of the road marker to ensure the strongest and longest lasting bond.

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Size 102*102*20mm
Material Shell ABS+Filling Epoxy glue and quartz sand+lens PMMA
Weight 185g
Color Red/Yellow/White
Compressive Load Over 140kN
Bearing capacity Over 16tons
Photometric Value Over 600mcd
Reflective Index Over 300m


Ideal for both commercial and residential use, these reflective road studs are the perfect to use in a number of ways: line your driveway, mark a boat dock, trim your deck or porch, line your parking lot, safely mark stairs.

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