• Comply to CE EN 12352
  • Double Power: Solar power +6V 4R25 battery.Auto-transformation of the double power makes the lamp to continue working. when solar power voltage is low, lamp changes to use 6V 4R25 power. when solar power voltage returns to normal level, lamp changes back to use solar power.
  • Available Light Control Function: Lamps can automatically work in the dark only.
  • No Cable Connection: Battery is integrated into the housing.

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Compliance CE EN 12352 L7/P1/C Yellow 1/R0/I0/F1+F2+3/O2/M3/T2/S3/IPX4
Product size DIA 20CM
Color Yellow
Battery 6V 4R25 battery(NOT included)
Life Expectancy Over 100,000 hours.
Function Flash-Steady-Off


Mounted to traffic barricades for emergency situation warning,road construction safety and traffic safety.

  • Easily mounted on beacons/attached to barriers by bracket/to tubes by clamp.

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