SWL-A20 Series

  • Easy to install,maintenancefree, Multi-layer sealed and waterproof, durable, dustproof, antifog.
  • Energy Saving: Low power consumption, and low cost with solar panel supply power.
  • Environmental protection: Containing no hazardous substance and emitting no pollution.
  • Stable Performance: protecting the circuit as well as stable function.
  • 24 hours consistently working
  • Long Life Expectancy: LED lights can work more than 100,000 hours, and the solar panel can perform up to10
  • Firmly and Durable. can resist heavy compression, recession, and corrosion. And the solar panel is covered with tempered glass

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Item NO. SWL-A20-001 SWL-A20-003
Material Aluminum Alloy frame and PC lens Aluminum Alloy and PC lens
Type Double sides(each side 4 led panels,each led panel 20 leds) Double sides(each side 2 led panels,each led panel 20 leds)
Size 550*180*150MM 290*180*150MM
Solar cell 5W/6V monocrystal 5W/6V monocrystal
Power source Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery
Battery capacity 6V 7AH 6V 4.5 AH
Light source 80 Red+80 Blue Leds 40 Red+40 Blue Leds
LED work time about 6 days after 8 hours charged about 6 days after 8 hours charged
Luminous mode Varying type/ constant type Varying type/ constant type
Visibility distance >1000m(at night) >1000m(at night)


Required warning mark at the road, or area at the cross or on ramp junction;dangerous bend at the road or viaduct sections of the road;dangerous construction part of road.

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