Delineator Posts FAQ: Your Complete Handbook

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Q1:What are delineator posts and their functions?
A1:Delineator posts are small vertical markers that guide traffic and mark hazards on roads. They come in different colors and materials such as metal or steel, and have reflectors to increase visibility at night.

Q2:What are the types of delineator posts?
A2:• Flexible delineator posts: bendable, reduce damage to vehicles and passengers
• Tubular delineator posts: rigid, for high-traffic areas
• Flat delineator posts: thin, lightweight, for areas with limited space
• Portable delineator posts: movable, for temporary applications
• Reflective delineator posts: visible in low-light conditions, for night use
• T-top delineator posts: feature a T-shaped top for attachment of signs or flags

Q3:What are the shapes of delineator posts?
A3:The shape of a delineator post can vary and commonly includes:
• Round: used for general guidance and to indicate the presence of an obstruction.
• Square: primarily used to mark the edge of a roadway or to separate lanes of traffic.
• Rectangular: used to highlight curves or changes in the direction of a roadway.
• U-channel: used for permanent applications such as parking lot delineation or to mark the edge of a roadway.
• Tubular: used for temporary applications such as construction sites or events to guide traffic.
• Cylindrical: used to mark the edge of a roadway or to guide traffic through curves.
• Flat-top: used for pedestrian safety and to mark the edge of a walkway or bike path.

Q4:What are the colors of delineator posts?
A4:Delineator posts can come in a variety of colors, with some of the most common being:
The choice of color often depends on the purpose of the delineator post and its intended use. For example, orange is commonly used for construction zones, while white is often used to mark lane boundaries on highways.

Q5:What are the materials of delineator posts?
A5:Delineator posts can be made from a variety of materials, with common options including plastic and metal, such as aluminum or steel. The choice of material depends on the intended use and expected durability of the post.

Q6:What is the size of delineator posts?
A6:Delineator posts come in various sizes ranging from 18 inches to over 48 inches tall and 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The appropriate size and height selection is important to meet specific application requirements.

Q7:What are the standards of delineator posts
A7:Delineator post standards vary by country. In the US, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices sets guidelines, while Europe follows the European Norm. Other countries may have their own standards or use these as a reference.

Q8:How to install delineator posts?
A8:Delineator posts can be installed using epoxy, anchors, or soil anchors with spacing of 50 to 100 feet. Installation method varies depending on use and location, and guidelines from manufacturers and regulations must be followed for effectiveness.

Q9:Where to buy delineator posts
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