AB-HD Series

  • Collapsible Design&Easy Storage: 5 or 19.7”inches in height, can be easily collapses down to 1.38″ in height for easy storage. Simply push down on the top to collapse, and pull when ready to use again.
  • High-visibility Cones with Two Reflective Bands: The brilliant fluorescent orange color throughout is visible up to 800 feet away, and visible from any angle, day or night; Two high-intensity grade silver reflective bands and increases the visibility, will deflect light from headlights, flashlights, phone lights, and more, make the road cones very eye-catching and easy to remind people.
  • High Stability: 14×14″ large bottom design for increasing wind resistance,make the traffic cone firmly grips the road, won’t easily be turned over and blown down by wind
  • Come with base light,optional top light

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Item No. AB-HD70 AB-HD50
Size 350mm*350mm*700mm 350mm*350mm*500mm
Material Rubber base+Reflective fabric Rubber base+Reflective fabric
Weight 3.2kg 2.6kg
Color Orange Orange
LED number 3pcs 3pcs
Battery Capacity Two AA batteries Two AA batteries


Perfect for emergency responders, schools, municipalities, parking Lots, construction, utility trucks, tow trucks road safety, hazard marking and a variety of other applications

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