• Comply to EN 12352
  • Cone Activates Lamp for Fast Deployment: Internally mounted ON/OFF switch automatically activates when placed onto a cone and deactivates when taken off.
  • High Intensity 1W LED: 30CD,L7 CLASS, for INFRARED sequential lamp when it’s flashing.
  • Available Light Control Function: Lamps can automatically work in the dark only.
  • Intelligent Wireless Technology: Sequence lights system with wireless radio technology.

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Model AB-SU185F AB-SU185NF
Compliance EN 12352 L3/P1/C Yellow 1/R0/I0/F2+3/O2/M3/T2/S2/IPX4 EN 12352 L3/P1/C Yellow 1/R0/I0/F1/O2/M3/T2/S2/IPX4
Material PC lens (DIA 180mm)+ PE frame PC lens (DIA 180mm)+ PE frame
Product size 220mm*200mm*185mm 220mm*200mm*185mm
Color Yellow Yellow
Flash rate 60times/min(AB-SU185F only) /
Power Source Solar powered Solar powered
Brightness Over 4 CD over 2 CD
Function Flash-OFF Steady-OFF


Perfect for use in emergency situations such as fog, rainy, snowy mud wind season, greatly reducing the occurrence of the accident.

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