Arrow board:Everything You Need to Know

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Q1:What is arrow board?
A1:Arrow board is a traffic control device that displays messages and directional arrows. It helps to guide drivers and pedestrians safely through construction sites, traffic jams, or other road hazards.

Q2:What are the types of arrow board?
A2:Arrow boards have three types:
1.Full-Matrix: display a wide range of messages. Using words, symbols, and arrows.
2.Compact-Matrix: Compact-matrix arrow boards are smaller and use fewer symbols and arrows to display messages. They are suitable for limited space areas.
3.Sequential-Arrow:use a series of arrows to form a moving arrow. They are used in work zones to direct traffic.

Q3:What are the styles of arrow board?
A3:Arrow boards typically come in several styles,including:
1.Trailer-mounted: towed by a vehicle, used for temporary traffic control situations.
2.Vehicle-mounted: installed directly on a traffic control vehicle, such as a truck or trailer.
3.Standalone: mounted on a stand or barricade placed on the ground.
4.Wall-mounted: installed on a vertical structure using brackets or mounts.

Q4:what are the sizes of arrow board?
A4:The size of an arrow board generally depends on the manufacturer and the model. Here are some common size ranges for arrow boards:
1.Trailer-mounted: 15 ft x 7 ft (4.6 m x 2.1 m)
2.Vehicle-mounted: 7 ft x 4 ft (2.1 m x 1.2 m)
3.Standalone: around 4 ft x 4 ft (1.2 m x 1.2 m)
4.Wall-mounted: around 4 ft x 4 ft (1.2 m x 1.2 m).

Q5:What is the weight of arrow board?
A5: Generally, trailer-mounted arrow boards weigh around 500 to 1200 pounds (227 to 544 kilograms), truck-mounted arrow boards weigh around 300 to 800 pounds (136 to 363 kilograms), and portable arrow boards weigh around 50 to 100 pounds (23 to 45 kilograms).

Q6:What are the power sources for arrow boards?
A6:Arrow boards can be powered by different methods, including:
1.Directly connected to the power system of a traffic control vehicle;
2.Using an internal or standalone generator to provide power;
3.Using rechargeable batteries or solar panels to provide power.

The MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) is a standard in the United States for traffic control devices, including arrow boards. It specifies the size, color, brightness, and placement requirements for arrow boards to ensure visibility and legibility.

Q8:What are the installation methods for arrow boards?
A8:The following are the installation methods for arrow boards:
1.Trailer-mounted: installed on a trailer and fixed to the ground using supports or legs.
2.Vehicle-mounted: installed on a control vehicle (such as a truck or trailer) and connected to the vehicle’s power source via cable or wireless signal.
3.Standalone: mounted on a stand or barricade and powered by cable or battery.
4.Wall-mounted: installed on a vertical structure, such as a building wall, and fixed to the structure using brackets or supports. It is powered by cable or battery.

Q9:What is the maintenance process for arrow boards?
A9:To maintain an arrow board, clean it regularly, check the power source, inspect the wiring and connections, test the board, replace damaged parts, store it properly, and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

Q:What is the price of arrow board and where to buy it?
A:Arrow board prices vary based on type, size, and features. They can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Prices depend on specific models and suppliers.
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