Traffic Light FAQ: Understanding the Basics

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Q1:What is traffic light?
A1:Traffic light is a light signal device used to indicate road traffic conditions and guide the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.It usually consists of three colors of lights: red, yellow and green.

Q2:What are the uses of traffic light?
A2:Traffic light is a traffic indicator that indicates when vehicles and pedestrians are allowed to cross an intersection or roadway.It can avoid traffic congestion and accidents, as well as improve traffic efficiency and safety.

Q3:What are the functions of the traffic light?
A3:Traffic light can be used to indicate the driving and passage of vehicles and pedestrians, control traffic flow according to road conditions, improve traffic efficiency and safety, and effectively save energy.

Q4:What types of traffic lights are there?
A4:Our traffic lights can be divided into the following types:
Road Traffic Light: Also known as fixed traffic light,which is a type of traffic signal that is installed at intersections or other locations on the road to control vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Mobile Traffic Light:Also known as temporary traffic light, which is a type of traffic signal that is used in temporary situations.
Warning Traffic Light:Also known as flashing traffic light,which is a type of traffic signal that is used to alert drivers to potential hazards or to indicate a change in traffic patterns.

Q5:What styles of traffic signals are available?
A5:Our traffic signals are mainly available in the following three styles: column traffic signals, wall-mounted traffic signals, and ground-based traffic signals.

Q6:What materials are available for traffic lights?
A6:The material of traffic light depends on its use occasions and functional requirements.Usually, the material of traffic signal is made of aluminum, polycarbonate or steel, and our company mainly uses polycarbonate, which is not only cost-effective, but also environmentally safe.

Q7:What are the accessories of the traffic light?
A7:Traffic light accessories usually include LED beads, controllers, cables and connectors as well as brackets and mounting accessories, etc. Traffic lights may vary slightly from model to model and specification to specification.

Q8:What is the visible distance of the traffic light?
A8:The traffic light source used in traffic lights is LED lamp beads, whose wavelength and frequency have a certain influence on the visible distance.The visible distance of traffic light is usually between tens and hundreds of meters, which can be adjusted according to actual needs.

Q9:What are the application scenarios of traffic lights?
A9:Traffic lights are an integral part of modern urban road traffic construction, which are widely used in road traffic management, urban construction and other fields, such as city main roads, highways, airports, ports, factories, mines and other places.

Q10: How can I purchase traffic light?
A10: You can buy traffic light through our official website or official store or sales representative. Our sales representatives will provide you with detailed information on product specifications, prices and delivery times. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.