Aviation Obstruction Light FAQ

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Q1: What are aviation obstruction lights?
A1: Aviation obstruction lights are high-intensity lights used to warn pilots of structures such as tall buildings, towers, or wind turbines to avoid collisions when flying at low altitudes.

Q2: What are the types of aviation obstruction lights?
A2: Aviation obstruction lights are generally divided into two types: solar types and wiring types.

Q3: What is the light intensity of aviation obstruction lights?
A3: Aviation obstruction lights typically have an intensity between 20,000cd and 200,000cd, depending on the height and location of the structure.

Q4: How much is the price of aviation obstruction lights?
A4: The price of aviation obstruction lights varies by manufacturer, model, and other factors. We recommend that you contact us for the latest quotation.

Q5: Who is the manufacturer of aviation obstruction lights?
A5: We are a professional manufacturer of aviation obstruction lights, with reliable quality and good performance. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us.