Expandable Barrier FAQ: Answers to Your Questions

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Q: What is an expandable barrier?
A: An expandable barrier is a type of barrier that can be contracted and extended, which is used for fences, railings, security fences and other occasions usually, with flexibility and convenience, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor occasions.

Q2: What types of expandable barriers are there?
A2:The types of expandable barrier are manual and electric, we provide manual models of PE expandable barrier,which is portable and versatile.

Q3: What sizes are available for expandable barriers?
A3:Our expandable barriers can be tailored to the specific scenarios and needs of our customers to ensure optimal use and safety.

Q4:How much do expandable barriers weigh?
A4:The weight of expandable barriers depends on their size and material. Generally, our expandable barriers weigh between 2kg to 10kg.

Q5:What materials are expandable barriers made of?
A5:Most of the expandable barriers are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and steel. Ours are mainly made of plastic,with portable and durable.

Q6:What are the applications of expandable barriers?
A6:Expandable barriers have a wide range of application scenarios, such as Electric power maintenance site, workyard, security check, factories, schools, hospitals, parking lots, and so on.

Q7:What is the price and purchase mthod of expandable barriers?
A7:The price of expandable barriers depends on their size, material, and type. If you want to purchase our products, you can contact us through our official website , Alibaba International website or sales representatives. We can also provide quotes and customization services based on your specific needs.